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Our great Master, Dr Samuel Hahnemann from germany, an MD physician, discovered this science 200 years ago, as an alternative to conventional science which for years has not been able to cure or eradicate any chronic disease that has plagued mankind from times immemorial. Man has suffered from illnesses that never leave him.

Once an asthmatic always an asthmatic. Once a diabetic always a diabetic. Once a hypertensive always a hypertensive. Once an individual suffers from thyroid or psoriasis or arthritis or heart problem, he is always a patient dependent on controlling medicine throughout his life. The number and types of medicine consumed by a patient always go on increasing as also the number of illnesses he has to cope with. In this sad state of affairs in human health and medicine it was Dr Hahnemann who provided a ray of hope to the suffering mankind. He discovered this new science that could eradicate most if not all these illnesses, if practiced properly.

Hahnemann had himself promised this science to be of mathematical certainty. But to this date various tumors, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, manias, schizophrenias or even ordinary cases of hypertension are not within the scope of curability of many homoeopathic practitioners. But that’s the differentiating point for Predictive Homoeopathy as we have been effectively dealing with such cases for more than 40 years !

The laws and principles on which allopathy and homoeopathy are poles apart, in fact exactly opposite. The conventional allopathic treatments insists on diagnosing an illness or disease and accordingly try and treat symptoms like bringing down blood pressure or blood sugar or cholesterol, or increase what is deficient and decrease the levels of whatever is in excess. All this not withstanding of the cause which may be at the genetic level. Thus it finds it convenient to treat the end result without treatment of the cause! This is what Dr Hahnemann called as Treating The Disease In Man. But Hahnemann insisted that if the illness was to be eradicated and recurrence to be stopped one should treat the MAN IN DISEASE and not the disease in man. He thus formed a method of treatment wherein importance had to be paid to Genetic Traits of a patient thus incorporating Mental as well as Physical make-up of the patient that make up a man and are directly or indirectly responsible for the patients illness. To this he added that if at all a disease has to be cured, the order of disappearance of symptoms will always follow a pattern that can be gauged by a compass called LAW of CURE.

Only school of Homoeopathy which is recognized by United Nations today as Right and Scientific.
Predictive Homoeopathy is the only school of thought in the world dealing with so called Incurable Untouchable cases. Based On Teachings of Dr.Prafull Vijayakar which is recognized by the EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT (ECPD) Of The University For Peace Established By United Nations. It’s a registered organization and Institution established for the upliftment of the science of Homoeopathy.

Dr Prafull Vijayakar, who has tried to explain the principles of practice of Homoeopathy on the basis of cellular Biology, embryology and Genetics. In doing so he has succeeded to a great extent in removing the tentativeness and uncertainty in Homoeopathic practice thus making young homoeopaths more sure in their practice.

Hope for the Hopeless and Help for the Helpless

  • Our vision is to give HELP, HOPE, SUPPORT and CURE to such near and dear ones of yours when all the other doors for cure are closed.
  • To make this wonderful therapeutic Science of Homoeopathy available to all those destitute and untouched class of mentally and Physically Handicapped across the globe.
  • To produce world class Homoeopaths practising right Homoeopathy with the attitude of serving humanity.

Meet The Man who Revolutionised Homoeopathy

40 years ago, a journey began. At the beginning of a road less travelled, none by choice, stood a man who would revolutionize the field. This is the journey of Dr. Prafull Gajanan Vijayakar, a world renowned Homoeopath.

Early Life
Coming from a rich lineage of doctors and intellectuals, Dr. Vijayakar had all the ingredients to succeed. His grandfather – Dr. Wamanrao Anandrao Vijayakar, travelled to London, just to study medicine in 1901. Such was the determination of the man, that he did not let the 21 day long journey stop him. When he came back, he was appointed as personal physician to Royalties.

Dr. Prafull’s maternal grandfather was also in the field of medicine – Dr. Mukundrao Janardhan Kothare. His mother, Mrs. Mohini Gajanan Vijayakar was a well educated lady, who had a B.A. in French and English. Dr. Gajanan Wamanrao Vijayakar, father of Dr. Prafull G. Vijayakar, still practices at the age of 90. With such genetic backing, combining his mother’s hunger for knowledge, and his father’s accurate diagnostic skills, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar started his extra-ordinary journey.

Quest for the ultimate cure, Homoeopathy
He started reading books on the subject, researching Dr. Hahnemann’s work, translating it for better understanding. He saw that the problem was not in homoeopathy, it was in the understanding. No one had really understood what Dr. Hahnemann was professing. Therefore, without understanding the practice, it was not possible to deliver results. Another point that troubled him deeply was, for over a century, every book on medicine had one common theory – some diseases are controllable, not curable. If every disease was not curable, where was the progress in science? If ten decades of study has not revealed any method to cure every disease, is science really progressing?

His gift to Homoeopathy
Dr. Prafull Vijayakar draws upon an immense knowledge in pathophysiology, embryology, genetics, psychology and biochemistry, and has studied Hahnemann’s texts as well as the old masters of homeopathy. Driven by many successful cures achieved by classical homeopathy, he decided to link homeopathy with modern medical research. He found an ingenious way: Predictive Homoeopathy, which assumes that after prescribing the right homoeopathic remedy, the process of the cure can be predicted exactly.

Start of a Chain of Global Wellness Clinic
Having garnered knowledge from every source available, Dr. Vijayakar set out to make sure he makes his contribution to the development of science. He had discovered that to cure a disease, you need to understand the person. He professes, “Treat the man in the disease, not the disease in the man.” This statement summarises his motto in his practice. Another point he had understood was, “All diseases that disappear are not cured.” Keeping these two things in mind, in 1991-92, Dr. Prafull Gajanan Vijayakar founded the practice of Predictive Homoeopathy.

Revival of Homoeopathy
Precision and Prediction are not two words you can often use in the same breath. But Dr. Vijayakar has combined these two terms and made them co-exist on a daily basis. By assessing a patient’s history, genealogy and personality, he started curing diseases that were otherwise only controllable. According to him, “Rehabilitation is accepting defeat, it is a bad word.” And as his journey shows, defeat is not something he is used to. “I strive for correction, not rehabilitation.” He had achieved a God like stature amongst many patients. Some even said, “If there is no hope, there is still Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.” The most famous was, “Shankaracharya came to rescue Hinduism, and Dr. Prafull Vijayakar came to rescue Homoeopathy.” He had succeeded in what he had set out to do, revolutionize homoeopathy, make it result oriented and help take science a step further.

Predictive Homoeopathy Clinics
Four decades and we have emerged as a ‘class apart’ organisation which upholds the values of Correction over Rehabilitation and Selfless Service over Scheming Sales. What started as just a single clinic at Vile Parle ,Mumbai has grown multi fold into 27 clinics around the globe.

With more than 100 Doctors on board we have revolutionised the practice of Homoeopathy from treating not just Asthama & Cold but Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

Predictive Homoeopathy Academics
Dr. Vijayakar is called the Einstein of Homoeopathy for rescuing Homoeopathy from being extict. Homoeopathy was being regarded as a treatment that could cure only mild disorders like cough and cold; many notions started to be tagged to Homoeopathy like, being very slow in treatment,treatment based on faith etc. The wise say action without the right interpretation of information leads to confusion which was the reason that Homoeopathy lost its followers and practioners. It was during such an era that Dr Vijayakar started to coach young homoeopaths. Today even the United Nations have joined hands with Predictive Homoeopathy to start International Center for Homoeopathic Medicines with registered study centres at Belgrade,Germany & Mumbai, India.We are proud to impart the valuable knowledge of Predictive Homoeopathy to more than 1000 student doctors every year.

Predictive Homoeopathy Web consultancy
With the rising popularity of Predictive Homoeopathy treatments across the globe it was vital to cater to the needs of our patients who wished to seek consultations in spite of being far off. Predictive Web Consultancy was started 2006 with a classic case history questionnaire tool which was devised by Predictive Homoeopathy doctors and is way ahead of time even today. With the help of Predictive Web Consultancy patients can seek consultations and order medicines online around the globe. We offer 24×7 online support and 100% confidentiality.

Predictive Homoeopathy Publications
“Its important for one to be well-read to be wise than be widely read and other wise” Wisdom imparts clarity and confidence which is primary for being successful. Predictive Homoeopathy Publications has published 8 books based on Genetics, Embryology, Materia Medica and more which has the mantras of achieving breakthrough results in Homoeopathy practice. The classical interpretation of the Laws laid down by Dr Hahnemann by Dr Vijayakar in these books makes the practice of Homoeopathy mathematical and predictive.

Our books are : Theory of Suppression, Theory of Acutes, The end of Miasmtion of Miasm,Verbatim, Homoeopathy and Modern Science,Genetic Materia Medica, Frequent Encounters,Genetic Code of Homoeopathy

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

  • Founder Chairman, Predictive Homoeopathy Clinics national & International.
  • Dean-Speciality School of Predictive Homoeopathy in collaboration with United Nation’s University of European Centre for Peace and Development.
  • Honorary Professor Emeritus at the University of European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD).
  • Conferred an Honorary PhD by European Centre for Peace and Development, UN.
  • Research Director of Extra-Mural Research-Accredited to AYUSH,Government of India.
  • President of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physician, Mumbai.
  • Ex-Professor and Honorary Physician at Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Nominee on the Panel of Homoeopathic Consultant to the President of India.
  • Ex- Hon. Prof. of Homoeopathy, Mumbadevi Medical College & Hospital, Irla Mumbai.